Setting Up Your Autoresponder

Setting Up Your Autoresponder

At this stage we are about to go practical, hands on Training, study it and implement it immediately, so by the end of today, you will be through with setting up of your autoresponder.

If you choose to take this lesson at the moment, I want to believe and not assume that you already set up your List Building tools.

If you have not, do so now, it takes less than 30Minutes...

If you had...Lets move on...and I need you to quickly grab this fact..

Ponder on this...

Can you remember how you usually feel when someone try to sell a service or product to you..?

As a student of behavioral science...i know these...

People dont want to be sold...Likewise people dont want to be sold to...

Flash you like it when someone try to sell something to you? Am sure you want to make your own decision, you want to be the one to decide,

This is a psychology you must know in selling.

People like to decide what they want, and then buy it...not the other way round.

And in other to avoid a situation you make people feel like you are trying to sell, here is a technique I want to share with you.

You have to set up a system which am going to show you now - using the AIOP autoresponder.

A system which you keep telling the prospect about the Features and benefits of your Product and services, while you allow them to decide, if they want it or not.

Now lets begin...but you must have your Capture Page handy...

If you dont have, email me, I will set up one for you for free,

Step One:

Login to your AIOP Account:

After Login, Click on Auto Responder


Upon clicking auto-responder, a new page will open on another window. Then click on Campaigns on the page:

Upon clicking campaigns, a new page will open on another window. Then fill the field and submit:

Then, click on Edit Campaign

Then, then choose the Campaign you want to edit - after that,

Click Go to open the Campaign you want to Edit.

Once you open it, then you are ready to set - up your messages and the follow up messages.

Move to the next lesson to lesson to learn "How To Set Up Follow Up Messages"


Stay Wealthy, Stay healthy,


Ogundimu Michael

[email protected]