Setting Up Your Follow Up Messages

Hi, Welcome back again...

What am about to show you today is what I call, set and forget...and watch your LIST and MONEY grow like a tree.

Do you remember a line in our last lesson, that no one like to be sold. Human kind dont feel cool when you try to sell something to them, except they want it, or make the decision by themselves. But should that stop us from selling online?

No, so I have fashioned a way out. Which is, share the opportunity, goods and services with your prospect, then follow them up with automated messages, till they "want" what you are sharing.

So lets get to the practical...

To begin, login to your AIOP account..

After the login, get to the Campaign you want to set up the follow up messages into.

Are you asking how to get to the Campaign you set? Ok. REFER TO HOW YOU SET UP YOUR AUTORESPONDER.

Lets continue...

When you get to the Campaign, click on the Go link in front of the Campaign:

As soon as the Campaign, you will even see the name of the Campaign at the top, you only need to click on "autoresponder".

Now lets get back to Track...

Upon Clicking on Autoresponder on the Camoaign you choose to set follow up for, you will lead to the page below where you can actually add your first message (sales copy)...just click on Edit Autoresponder...

After clicking on Edit it will echo the page below where you can add your message and click Save Message:

Meanwhile there is something important to you have to look at when setting the follow up mails, you will have to set the date and interval you want the follow up to deliver. Check the image below:

Set the rest one by one, applying the day you want it delivered.

Feel free to ask me questions here, I will be willing to help.

Tomorrow we shall continue with the Next Lesson.


Stay Wealthy, Stay healthy,


Ogundimu Michael

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